Telephone Town Halls

Our Telephone Town Hall Meetings are a unique telephone forum that makes it easy for you to communicate with your target audience.

Advantages of our Telephone Town Halls

Inexpensive: Telephone Town Halls are the most cost effective means of personal mass communication available. Telephone Town Halls can be used to reach out to your targeted audience for only pennies per contact

Astonishing Results: Personally interact with hundreds of thousands of participants in a single LIVE Telephone Town Hall meeting, and gather vast amounts of useful data about your targeted audience.

Easy to Operate: Telephone Town Halls can be managed easily right from your own computer with the use of a simple web-based interface.


  1. Live Polling Questions
  2. Invite Guest Speakers
  3. Pre-screen Questions
  4. Transfer to Voicemail
  5. Digital Event Recording
  6. Listen-Only Line
  7. Instant Reporting


You also get detailed reporting and statistics after your Telephone Town Hall so you can make the most of your experience with follow up contacts to those people who participated.

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